To Payday Loan Lenders on the Internet

There are a lot of factors to look into when you are searching for payday loan lenders. Most of these lenders have features that make them different from others. Therefore choosing one is not an easy task but here are some of the top payday loan lenders that offer good services for their potential customers

Payday Express
Payday express is one of the best alternative payday loan lenders as they provide excellent services to their customers. They are capable of lending you up to 800 pound sterling. For every 100 pound borrowed, they will charge you 25% and transfer the amount into your account on the same day.

Payday UK
This is one of the best payday loan lenders in the United Kingdom. They provide good services for their customers and favorable terms. Some of its great feature is that they will deposit the funds into your account within an hour. Payday UK don’t require the borrower to fax any documents. For every 100 pounds, they will charge 25 pounds.

Quick Quid
Quick Quid payday loan lenders allow you to borrow funds amounting to 1500 pounds. They lend slightly high amount when compared to others. They don’t approve the amount on your first application. They have got no any hidden fee that is involved with the loan. They quickly deposit the funds into your account.

Wonga is one of the payday loan lenders that offer an easy application process. They also provide loan slider on the website to allow the borrower to see the amount he will repay back. Wonga lenders charge basing on the period you borrow. All this is also reflected on their loan slider.

Txt loan
Txt payday loan lender is unique from other lenders because it can lend about 100 pounds for a period of one week. It offers good services by providing simple and quick application process. With Txt Loan lenders, you can do your loan application anywhere via SMS.

Mr Lender
This is another new lender that offers a complete transparency over their charges. They have a similar model as that of Wonga payday loan lenders. They include loan slider which provides a breakdown of what the borrower will repay on the next payday. They charge 25 pounds for every 100pounds borrowed irrespective of the duration of the loan.

Wage Day Advance
Wage day advance payday loan lender offer loans amounting to 1000 pounds and they complete their transfer on the same day. They also charge 25 pounds for every 100 pounds borrowed like many other lenders. They have a higher 15 pounds charge for the same day transfer than other lenders.

Cash Genie
Cash genie lender allows you to borrow up to 750 pounds which you can repay it from your respective bank account on the next payday. They charge 30 pounds for every 100 pounds borrowed. They have received positive critics online for their good services.

Lending stream
They offer variety of loans which can be paid in installments of 4, 5 or 6. Lending stream allows you to pay off the loan early in order to save on charges. They also don’t carry out the credit checks on the application and there is no any need of faxing anything.

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